While we re-elected a Democrat president, the country overall leans right (and I believe actually libertarian).
Here are numbers on the new U.S. House delegations for key swing states (Republicans counted first):
Florida 17-9 (with 1 yet uncalled),
North Carolina 9-3 (1 uncalled),
Ohio 12-4,

That’s 78-35. Better than 2 to 1.

Many of these Republicans lean libertarian – fiscally conservative, socially moderate.

I think particularly amazing are results in the blue swing states: PA, MI, OH, VA and WI.

And the GOP now has governorship in 30 states, the dems have less than 20 – with Washington state (a Progressive state if there ever was one!) still too close to call.

We have seen the past several days the same cheering message from the Progressives as in 2008: the election is a clear “mandate” and the arrival of a  “new permanent majority” and the GOP will never win again. I disagree – the GOP has a minority message but in terms of potential supporters it has a clear majority.

At a national level the GOP message (embodied by Romney this time around) failed. At a local level and if it could be elevated to a national level in the right candidate, crafted to emphasize the winning aspects of both the fiscal and social sides, it is clearly a possible winner……..
What do you think?